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So just got this new TV, and I'm trying to hook it up to my existing equipment, and I can't seem to get the sound to the receiver and out to the speakers. I've tried running a y-adaptor from the sound out connection on the back of the TV to the red/white in the TV slot on the receiver, but I get nothing. Running red/white from the cable box to the receiver gets me sound, but it is muffled and un-listenable.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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Please reduce the size of your images to fit on the screen (800 pixels max I believe), or simply post the URLs.

Here's the FAQ on Cables & Connections:

You should use the best possible connection from each device directly to your receiver. Since your AVR has optical and coaxial inputs and the devices seem to have optical and/or coaxial audio output(s), you should use those instead of analogue audio cables so that you can get digital audio like DD5.1 where applicable. The analogue audio may be muffled if you have the STB set to send variable audio and the volume is set low, but you shouldn't be using that connection anyway. Unless you're using the TV's internal tuner for say OTA signals, there's no reason to connect the TV to the AVR.

What are the makes/models of the other equipment? The pictures were helpful, but didn't show makes/models.

Here's a post useful for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:
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