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Playing back my recordings of various New Year Eve party shows on TV from last night. Wow that's quite a few: 3.5hrs from ABC (NYC), 1.5hrs from FOX (Vegas), 3hrs from NBC (NYC and Seattle), 2hrs from Global (Niagara), 2hrs from CityTV (Toronto).

Surprised no CBS party (that plus they let go the prominent guys on their Early Show recently... is CBS not doing well lately?)

ABC got the best location as their studio is the closest to "the ball" than NBC's Rockerfeller (sp?) Center and they got the better show as well IMO. Good that Dick Clark was not talking as much this year. Man, that guy looks like he's too old to move.

NYC must've spent a lot in security. Well, OTOH they don't spend as much on fireworks than Seattle, Niagara, or Toronto.

To be honest, I don't know any of the musicians on the CityTV party, but the black lady singer Divine Brown was pretty good.

At Global's Niagara party, when Barenaked Ladies sang "One Week", there was a girl in the crowd sitting up on shoulders and seemed like she was flashing to the Barenaked Ladies (how ironic) on the stage. Too bad the camera got switched out as she reached for her top. There was a much farther camera shot of the crowd which seemed to show the girl with her breasts uncovered but with that far of a shot even HD didn't help. Was any of you at the party? If so did you see/hear anything?

BTW, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great New Year Eve/Day and wish this year is going to be better than the last!
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