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In March, we'll be making enhancements to your Ultimate TV service. These will occur one night between 2:00 am and 6:00 am.
Your TV service, including your PVR recordings, will be interrupted for up to 20 minutes.
When you turn your set-top box on or if you're watching TV during the enhancement, a blue box will prompt you to start the enhancement or delay for 3 hours.
If your TV is off and your set-top box is on during the enhancement, no action is required.
See this link for graphics comparing the old and new features:

Customizable TV guide
The TV guide is changing from a two-guide format to a three-guide format with enhanced visuals and "On Now" guide, so you can choose how to search for programs. Press the Guide button on your MTS remote to rotate between guide styles.

Enhanced search
Search for TV programs and On Demand programs in one place with the help of enhanced visuals and program descriptions. You can also narrow down your search results by highlighting Options, and searching by program titles, On Demand, cast and crew, and channels.

Live TV filters
Tired of searching through hundreds of channels to find what you want to watch? Find the program you want, when you want, with up to 80 different search filters.

What you recently watched & your recent PVR viewing
Tune into any recently watched channel or recorded program easily by using the up arrow button on your remote control.

Pressing the up arrow button while watching TV will present you with the last 5 channels you previously watched.
Pressing the up button a second time will present the last 5 programs recorded to the PVR.

Upcoming programs & what's on now
See what shows are coming up on the channel you're watching with enhanced visuals.
Press the down arrow button on your MTS remote control, then press the right arrow button for upcoming shows.
You can also get information about the show you're watching including a time left indicator.

New main menu
The new main menu has a vertical layout, and allows you to keep watching TV while you scroll through the menu. To access the menu, press the Menu or the left arrow button on your remote control.
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