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This is the few shows returning that am looking forward to watch what are yours?
Supernatural Season 6 Start Sept 24
Two and a half men Season 8 Start Sept 20
Stargate Universe Season 2 Start Sept 28
Smallville season 10 Start Sept 24
Chuck Season 4 Start Sept 20
Sanctuary Season 3 Start Sept 28

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Looking forward to:

Must watch
Big Bang Theory
2 and a half men
NCIS - original
The Simpsons

Will catch when I can
Rules of engagement
The Mentalist
Boardwalk Empire

Will try
Hawaii 5-O
Detroit 1-8-7

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I've been looking at TheFutonCritic for some signs of hope, but it sounds like this may be a good year to get back into American Idol and DWTS :(

I'm looking forward mostly to returning shows (Chuck, Fringe, Castle, V, Community, Aprks and Recreation), The Giid Guys (summer show returning in January, I think) and re-watching Lost. Outsourced may be a decent replacement for what's (sadly) left of The Office (we've been watchign re-runs of the old seasons and, man, what a difference).

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Still lookong forward to a number of returning favourites. Most of the new shows in the limited previews and reviews available really look about the same as previous years winners and losers. Nothing outstanding unless you are 12 and looking forward to CSI Bieber!

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Almost just as nursedude, I look forward to these to return...

Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men

I also will try
Hawaii 5-O
Detroit 1-8-7
Law & Order LA

But I'm really looking forward to Sh*t My Dad Says. I read the book by Justin Halpern this Summer. A quick, easy to read book, left me laughing out loud many times. Bill Shatner will do very well in this role.

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for me here is my PVR list so far

American Dad
Clevland Show
Family Guy

How I met your mother
Big Bang Theroy
2 1/2 Men
CSI Miami


Parks and Rec
The Office
30 Rock

Will be giving 5-0 a try this year too!

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It looks like you'll have to change your PVR list. Big Bang Theory and CSI Miami no longer air on Monday nights. And I think CSI New York is no longer on Wednesday. One of them moves to Sunday night and Big Bang moves to Thursday.

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Fringe is on the top of my list (really interested in how the Other-livia plotline develops).
L&O:SVU & Chuck are also on my must-watch list.

V, L&O:LA I'm hoping will have a good run.

I'll watch the first ep. of the Event out of idle curiosity (also need something to replace this time slot formerly occupied by 24).

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Topherpaquette, P&R is a mid-season show -- no date has been announced yet. The fall Thursday nigh lineup for NBC will be Community, 30 Rock, The Office and Outsourced. If The Office can return to its previous form that could be an awesome night for comedy (and just my luck I also love me Fringe and SNet likes to show Sens games in HD on Thursdays, and the PVR only has 2 tuners).

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Returning shows I'll watch when they are on for the most part
Monday - How I Met Your Mother & Monday Night Football
Tuesday - Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes, V, Burn Notice (season 1 is finally airing on Showcase)
Wednesday - Hockey most weeks
Thursday - Big Bang Theory, Fringe, CSI
Saturday - Merlin (season 2 is airing on Space) & HNIC
Sunday - Simpsons, Family Guy, CSI: Miami Sunday Night Football some weeks

Returning shows I'll record most weeks
Monday - Two and a Half Men
Saturday - South Park (new episodes airing late night on CTV in HD)

New shows I plan to watch
The Event (I am semi-hopeful this will be a decent replacement for all of the serials that have ended)
$#*! My Dad Says (Shatner might make it worth watching)
Law & Order: LA

Overall Fringe and The Big Bang Theory are the only shows that I'm really looking forward to. Lots of hockey and football for me probably.

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Big Bang Theory
2 and half men
Family guy
Cleveland show
American Dad

sadly that's all i watch from prime time, as most of its crap realty shows. will investigate on the networks websites to see if there is anything else of interest.

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Here's my PVR list, including premiere dates. Haven't worked out all the times yet with timeshifting, etc.

9/26 Undercover Boss - 7:00pm CTV / 9:00pm CBS
9/19 Call Me Fitz - 7:00pm HBO
9/12 90210 - 7:00pm Global
9/5 Weeds - 7:00pm Showcase
9/26 Amazing Race - 8:00pm CBS/CTV
9/26 The Simpsons - 8:00pm FOX/Global
9/26 Cleveland Show - 8:30pm FOX/Global
9/26 Family Guy - 9:00pm FOX/Global
9/19 Boardwalk Empire HBO ** ends 12/5
9/26 Bored to Death HBO ** ends 11/14
9/26 Eastbound and Down HBO **ends 11/7
9/26 Dexter 8:00pm MC ** ends 12/12
10/29 Conviction Kitchen - 9:00pm City
MS - Bob's Burgers - 8:30pm FOX
MS - Cleveland Show 9:30pm FOX
March - Minute to Win It - 8:00pm NBC

8/30 WWII in HD - 7:00pm History
9/13 R- 90210 - 8:00pm CW
9/20 Chuck - 8:00pm NBC
9/20 How I Met Your Mother - 8:00pm CBS/City
9/13 Gossip Girl - 9:00pm CW
9/20 Lonestar - 9:00pm FOX/Global
9/20 The Event - 9:00pm NBC/City
9/20 Chase - 10:00pm NBC/City
9/20 Hawaii Five-O - 10:00pm CBS/Global

9/28 No Ordinary Family - 8:00pm ABC/CTV
9/21 Glee - 8:00pm FOX/Global
9/14 Life Unexpected - 9:00pm CW
9/7 Burn Notice S1 - 10:00pm Showcase
9/21 Entourage - HBO
9/21 Hung - HBO
MS - Mixed Signals - 9:30pm FOX

9/1 Ice Road Truckers - 6:00pm History
9/1 The Big C - 7:00pm SC
9/22 Dragons Den - 8:00pm CBC
9/22 Undercovers - 8:00pm NBC/City
9/22 The Defenders - 8:00pm CTV 10:00pm CBS
9/8 Hellcats - 9:00pm CW
9/22 Hell's Kitchen - 9:00pm FOX
9/22 Modern Family - 9:00pm ABC/City
9/22 Cougar Town - 9:30pm ABC/City
9/10 Mayday - Discovery
MS - Glee - 9:00pm FOX

9/2 Life After People - 6:00pm History
9/23 Community - 8:00pm NBC/City
9/23 $#*! My Dad Says - 8:30pm CBS/CTV
9/9 Nikita - 9:00pm CW
9/23 The Office - 9:00pm NBC/Global
9/23 Outsourced - 9:30pm NBC/Global
MS - Parks & Recreation - NBC

9/24 R-Hell's Kitchen - 8:00pm City
10/1 Human Target - 8:00pm FOX/CTV
9/24 The Good Guys - 9:00pm FOX
10/8 South Park - 1:00am CTV
MS - Kitchen Nightmares - 9:00pm FOX

9/4 - Toronto FC @ Dallas - 5:30pm 1405HD
9/4 - Up In The Air 7:00pm MC
9/11 - Toronto FC v. DC - 1:00pm 1150HD
9/11 - Where The Wild Things Are 5:15pm MC
9/18 - Toronto FC @ Houston - 5:30pm 1405HD
9/25 - Toronto FC v. San Jose - 1:00pm 1150HD
10/2 - Toronto FC @ Seattle - 12:30pm 1150HD
10/9 - Toronto FC @ Chivas - 7:30pm 1412HD
10/16 - Toronto FC v. Columbus - 1:00pm 1150HD
10/23 - Toronto FC @ DC - 4:30pm 1412HD

The Cape - NBC
Friends with Benefits - NBC
Perfect Couples - NBC
Harry's Law - NBC
So You Think You Can Dance - FOX
Terra Nova - FOX
Happy Endings - ABC
Mr. Sunshine - ABC
Great Migrations - National Geographic HD
Top Gear - BBC Canada
Ice Pilots NWT - History
My RONA Home - City
The Bridge - CTV
Hiccups - CTV
Dan For Mayor - CTV
The Listener - CTV
The Borgias - CTV
My Life As Liz - MTV
The Buried Life - MTV
The Elevator Pitch - BNN
Treme HBO
The Ricky Gervais Show HBO
Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour - Showcase
The Quon Dynasty - CITY/OMNI
Episodes - MC
Shark Tank - ABC

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Holy cow now that's a list. You're gonna like ice truckers this season.It's more realistic.More things going wrong just like it really be.I can't get ice pilots it sounds interesting.By the way the next season of stargate u is really good.Just got done seeing it not long ago_OOPS missed a word up there.
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