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After 8 yrs. of watching a 50"rptv I just set up my LG 50PK750. I don't remember seeing as many black bars on the sides that I am seeing now with the Cogeco hd box. I've tried every setting on the tv and the stb with no luck. As the tv is a plasma and still breaking in I'm concerned that it will cause issues with the set. I've searched every faq and thread on this subject,most of which are dead links. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. it happens on hd and sd channels.

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Here's the FAQ on how to properly set up the Motorola STB:

It's usually best to set the STB to output 480i for the SD channels and 1080i for HD. This assumes that the TV accepts 480i. Then you need to tell the TV to stretch the SD signals and to leave the HD signals alone by invoking the proper stretch mode on the TV for the SD channel, then an HD channel. There will still be black bars on the sides of upconverted HD channels, but I suggest you leave these unstretched, because if you stretch them, you'll forget to unstretch when a true HD programme comes on.

When there's upconverted SD on an HD channel, you can either watch it as 4:3, or you can change to the equivalent SD channel and the TV will then stretch that channel because it'll remember the stretch modes for SD and HD signals separately. It's also possible to typically tell the STB to stretch SD, however, that mode is often not quite as good as when the TV does it.

Here's the FAQ on WS Stretch modes and Black Bars. If these FAQs have dead links, please advise. Black Bars Stretch Modes.

Here's a useful post:
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