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I signed up for some basic stuff with Videotron but am having all kinds of problems and I'm fed up. Any advice welcome.

I signed up for Cable/Internet/Phone service, as follows.

~ My Internet is 40GB plan, the 3GB plan was just too wimpy, a single Netflix movie and you're over the limit!?!

~ My Phone plan is a residential number, nothing fancy, no mobile.

~ My cable plan is Telemax even though I can't use Telemax. When I signed up I told Videotron that I only had a basic TV and no cable box but they FORCED me to sign up to Telemax anyway if I wanted cable. They told me to go buy a $25 Walmart illico box if I didn't want their $85 illico box?!?


~ I signed up for online invoicing, 2 months later and I still have no bill, the website center says not available, 24/7. I DID get 2 emails saying my invoice is ready but the link to my invoice is an error 404 message, no invoice. Yes, I am signed up for it.

~ I don't want and CAN'T USE Telemax for cable but they insist on charging me, I just want basic cable... this feels stupid to me, I can't believe it's not an option.

~ I'm paying over $40 a month for 40GB of internet but I use maybe 8GB at most. The extra doesn't roll over?!? The "packages" are all wrong for me. I need TOP SPEED too but can't get the speed I need without spending $179!?! I called and asked and thats all they said was possible. Want speed, gotta buy GB too if the "extra speed package" isn't enough.

It's almost funny it's so sad. HELP!
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