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I signed up for some basic stuff with Videotron but am having all kinds of problems and I'm fed up. Any advice welcome.

I signed up for Cable/Internet/Phone service, as follows.

~ My Internet is 40GB plan, the 3GB plan was just too wimpy, a single Netflix movie and you're over the limit!?!

~ My Phone plan is a residential number, nothing fancy, no mobile.

~ My cable plan is Telemax even though I can't use Telemax. When I signed up I told Videotron that I only had a basic TV and no cable box but they FORCED me to sign up to Telemax anyway if I wanted cable. They told me to go buy a $25 Walmart illico box if I didn't want their $85 illico box?!?


~ I signed up for online invoicing, 2 months later and I still have no bill, the website center says not available, 24/7. I DID get 2 emails saying my invoice is ready but the link to my invoice is an error 404 message, no invoice. Yes, I am signed up for it.

~ I don't want and CAN'T USE Telemax for cable but they insist on charging me, I just want basic cable... this feels stupid to me, I can't believe it's not an option.

~ I'm paying over $40 a month for 40GB of internet but I use maybe 8GB at most. The extra doesn't roll over?!? The "packages" are all wrong for me. I need TOP SPEED too but can't get the speed I need without spending $179!?! I called and asked and thats all they said was possible. Want speed, gotta buy GB too if the "extra speed package" isn't enough.

It's almost funny it's so sad. HELP!

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JohnD, you just want basic analog service which Videotron calls 'Classic Cable'. You should be able to get that without Illico or Telemax. If you visit a Videotron kiosk, you might be able to clear things up faster, face-to-face.
The first bill for new customers usually takes about 60 days and is a 'shocker', as it will include past and future services billing. Once in the billing system, you will be charged for the next upcoming block of thirty days only.
There is no rollover of the unused monthly GB capacity.
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