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New to this and looking for guidance

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Well, I'm new here.. from sask,cnd.

i'm Looking to pick up my first home theater system. I've tryed looking for information on these speakers but are having a hard time.

I have heard them and they sound good. My boss has a pair of mickeys and amp and some other stuff that was built for him>

Can anyone shed anylight on these items for me.

i'm paying under 5000$ for this complete set up. that is 3 years old

Here is a little additional information on the system.
The front speakers - Baby Grand Universe Special edition, they retailed at $12,000.00 new for the pair.
The dimensions on the front speakers are:
5' 3" Tall
1' 1" Wide
1' 10" Deep
The components per speaker are:
1 Tweeter
2 8" Drivers
1 10" Driver
3 10" Subs powered by a built in 1500 watt amp
These front speakers are by far the best sounding speakers that Nuance has ever produced.

Center Channel - Spatial 3
The dimensions of the center channel is:
2' Wide
9.5 " Deep
9.5 " tall
The components are:
1 Tweeter
2 8" Drivers

Rear Speakers - Spatial Grand 3CLS
The dimensions of the rear speakers are:
3' 4" Tall
10" Wide
11" Deep
The components are:
1 Tweeter
2 8" Drivers

The sound is very balanced as every speaker has the tweeter and 2 8" drivers as key components. Basically, if a Ferrari goes from your front speakers to rear speakers, it is still a Ferrari when it reaches the rear speakers. Most systems have less adequate rear speakers and that Ferrari turns into a Vespa by the time it reaches the rear speakers.

In Stereo just listening to music, the speakers image very well (hear sounds all around you when sitting in the middle of the two speakers). The bass if you want lots of base is very balanced and full. The speakers have a bass control and crossover control right on the amp so you can control the bass output. If you would like, I would even set the system up for you.

The receiver is a Pioneer Elite VSX - 35TX THX Surround Ex (7.1 Capable)

Stereo: 100 Watts per Channel (20 - 20 kHz, @ 6 ohm, 0.09% THD)
Surround: 90W x 5 (20 Hz to 20k Hz, .09% THD)
Direct Energy MOSFET Amplifier Design
Direct Construction Design
Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink
Copper Direct Current Bus Bar
Isolated Chamber Construction
Diode & Transistor Covers
Digital Decoding and Processing

THX-Select Certified
Surround EX 6.1 Decoding
DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 Decoding
Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoding
DTS 5.1 Decoding
Dual 24-bit Digital Signal Processing Engine
24-bit Analog to Digital (A/D) Converters
96k/24-bit Digital to Analog (A/D) Converters - 8 Channels
6 Acoustic Environment Digital Sound-fields
Theater 1
Theater 2
5/7 Channel Stereo
Advanced Theater Modes
5/7-D Theater
Midnight Mode
Multi-Channel Tone Controls
Multi-Channel Digital NR

Surround Back Channel Output
DVD-A Ready 7.1 Channel Input w/Trim By-pass
Pre-Amp Output (ALL Channels)
5 Digital Inputs (3 Optical/2 Coaxial)/2 Digital Out (Optical)
Inputs - 5 Audio/5 Audio/Video
CDR/Tape 1
Outputs - 2 Audio/2 Audio Video/1 Video
CDR/TAPE Audio Output
Tape 2 Output
VCR/DVR Audio/Video Output
VCR 2 Output
Monitor Video Output
Component Video Switching (2 Inputs/1 Output)
TV/SAT Input
DVD/LD Input
Monitor Output
S-Video (5 Inputs/3 Outputs)
DVD/LD Input
TV/SAT Input
Video (Front Panel) Input
VCR/DVR Output
VCR 2 Output
Monitor Output
Front A/V Input w/S-Video In
Parallel A/B Speaker Switching
Banana Speaker Terminals (ALL)
Convenience Features

Dot Matrix Display
Video Signal Select
Illuminated Smart Remote
Multi-Room/Multi-Source Control
On-Screen Display
Loudness Curve
Direct Switch
3 step FL Dimmer
2 Rear Panel AC Accessory Outlets
AM/FM Tuner
Random Presets for 30 AM/FM Stations
3 Speed Tuning
Control Door Design

2 Years Parts and Labor

Height: 6-13/16 ins
Width: 16-9/16 ins
Depth: 18-1/4 ins

The TV is a Toshiba Theaterwide 65" HD
The model number is - 65H84C
It has HDMI/Colorstream/ s-video hook ups. The picture is very good, especially in High Definition.

There you go, that should be some good reading material. If it will be a deal breaker, I will also include my LG DVD-RW DVD player/recorder model #LRA537

Thanks In advance for the help!
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i'm paying under 5000$ for this complete set up. that is 3 years old
oh .. i thought the seller was paying you the money to take it. :p

not to be negative here, but i would pass on this setup you describe. just a quick scan re: the AVR. maybe the seller had it for 3 years as a second (third) owner ?

this is a dated AVR, nothing fundamentally wrong with that, per say, but this isn't a good choice to start off with, particularly grouped together @ this price. the original MSRP was $1,100 (US) ... 10 years ago (or so). a buddy of mine had an older pioneer, quite a beastly AVR (and a higher level machine within the line) .. his (relatively) new Denon AVR 2309 blows it away (his words, not mine. this guy has been in the stereo-HT racquet for years .. i trust (and respect) his opinion)

i agree with technokid (and the other contributors to this tread) .. specifically, passing on the nuance speakers. for $ 5,000 you can have an awesome new setup.

lots of know how to tap in these forums to guide you.
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