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New to online media Apple TV or other device?

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Hi all,
I am a newb to all this online streaming movies etc to TV. I understand some of it I just have not experienced it really until my friend showed me his Apple TV last night.
I was pretty amazed at this with the renting of HD movies and youtube feature.
I am looking for recommendations from you the experts in this field.
Basically I want something to be able to stream my videos/pics off my computer (win 7) to my TV, watch/rent movies etc and youtube.
I have a LG Plasma 50PK550 so no wifi, with a Denon AVR-2310 receiver etc.
My network consists of a Apple Airport Extreme and a Airport express.

I run a laptop and a netbook.
What is the best setup for me ? just get the new Apple TV ?
Will I be able to access images/video on win 7 or does it have to be on itunes ?

Hulu/Pandora/Netflix interest me but all I have heard is the content is no good here in Canada, is there ways around this ?

Thanks for the advice in advance!
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Well I went and bought the Boxee box to try it out. Not bad so far.
Question I hope someone can answer for me.

We live outside a major city and use (broadband high speed wireless) for internet.
I will see DL speeds between 1.0 - 2.5 Mbps. Is this enough for streaming content ?
I was experiencing a few lags streaming video on Boxee last night, not sure if it is because of my speed or Boxee.
I use a Apple Airport Extreme
Nitrous, lot of your questions regarding Hulu have been answered many times on the forum so please search.

Frankly instead of Boxee BOx, I would have got a Revo for an extra $75. You can put Boxee software on it and iTunes and get the best of both worlds. (threads around here discussing doing just that)

Regarding wireless speeds, that's very site specific but my guess is that your likely to have difficulties with lag. Also check your bandwidth caps as streaming video uses a lot of bandwidth.
Thanks Hugh!
Do you think Power over Ethernet for the Boxee would be a better solution instead of wireless ?
No way of running a wired connection to the Boxee right now
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