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Have a new RT-U49C-15+ that I bought on ebay to replace the same model remote that stopped working last month (I dropped it). I was able to get the new remote to work with the TV and DVD player, it'll turn them on and off, but when I press the cable button, the button on the remote lights up, but the terminal doesn't respond, nothing happens. The terminal is an e940 terminal. The remote looks exactly like the one I dropped, and has all the same Videotron markings and labels. Is it possible that even though this has the Videotron markings on it, it's programmed to work on a different cable company? If so, how do I program it to work with Videotron? And yes, I've emailed the seller asking about this (emailed him just before posting this). Thought I ask here also, see if anyone can help.

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Found this by googling the model number:
Model RT-U49C is preprogrammed to operate Scientific
Atlanta's Explorer and Pioneer's Voyager digital converters.
To program your cable converter for use with Scientific Atlanta's
Explorer 2000:
1. Turn on your cable converter
Press the CBL button, then the SELECT button together
and hold both buttons down until the CBL button
3. Press the following numbers: 004.
Press the CBL button to lock in the code. The CBL
button will blink 2 times.
Good luck.
The e940 is a Scientific Atlanta converter. Might have the same codes as the explorer 2000.
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