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Bell Media issued their press release this morning.

iHeartRadio Canada announced today the launch of Canada’s new national contemporary radio brand, MOVE Radio, in 10 markets across Canada, as well as on the iHeartRadio Canada app and at Each MOVE station plays the biggest hits and favourite blasts from the past, along with delivering local information and programming in each market.

iHeartRadio Canada’s new MOVE Radio stations are:
Vancouver’s MOVE 103.5
Ottawa’s MOVE 100
Halifax’s MOVE 100
Brockville’s MOVE 104.9
Fredericton’s MOVE 106.9
Kelowna’s MOVE 101.5
Kingston’s MOVE 98.3
Niagara’s MOVE 105.7
Penticton’s MOVE 97.1
Peterborough’s MOVE 99.7

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To bad Majic 100 has not changed its format or call sign since first hit the airways when it launched.

First song they played I think it called "Isn't it Maic" or something like that.

Also Majic 100 Ottawa (CJMJ-FM) changed its name today.
"The music you love has a new home! MAJIC 100 is now MOVE 100! Playing today’s best variety and all your favourites to keep you moving through the day!"
121 - 122 of 122 Posts