Upstart wireless phone provider Mobilicity has announced its latest promotions including one which will immediately provide a $100 phone credit with the purchase of any handset.

The full $100 credit can be then be applied towards the cost of any unlimited text or data plan.

The innovative promotion essentially allows consumers to try the wireless service for a few months without having to sign a contract or buy a phone and then sign up for a plan.

Mobilicity, which only offers service in Toronto, says it now features four handsets for $100 or less including the HTC Snap smartphone. The HTC Snap (shown here) is a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone whose features include: a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi connectivity, GPS, 2 Megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

Mobilicity offers wireless service plans in Toronto beginning at $25 a month for Voice plans and $15 a month for text only plans. An unlimited data plans is available for an extra $20 per month.

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