Apple’s new iMac Retina was released today, the company’s most mature product.

The attractions? Every 27-inch iMac now comes with a 5K display similar to the one Apple announced on the highest-end model last year, including the base model.

Fantastic high-res images will likely wow the user. The resolution this time is the same, 5120×2880, but this year, Apple widened the color range to DCI-P3, allowing for about 25 percent more colors to be shown on-screen.

And, the new Magic Keyboard ($99), Magic Trackpad 2 ($129), and Magic Mouse 2 ($79) are certain to be attractions.

The Magic Keyboard lies almost flat, unlike its predecessor, and is reported to have less wobble when the keys are pushed.

The Magic Trackpad 2 is larger than the last model and supports Force Touch gestures. The Magic Trackpad 2 doesn’t click at all but instead uses haptic feedback to make it feel like it does, at multiple levels of pressure.

All three new accessories, which are made to be used wirelessly, also have Lightning ports, both for charging and for connecting to your computer.

The new iMac starts at $1,099.00 USD. Check out the online store for more details.