Mobilicity has announced the addition of two Wi-Fi hotspot devices to its line-up of wireless products.

The Huawei E583C is a compact, plug-and-play, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which at 90 grams can quickly pop into a pocket or handbag and can connect up to five Wi-Fi devices including laptops, tablets, digital cameras and one tethered device. Features include password-protection and support for up to 8GB of additional memory.

The company also introduced the Huawei D105 Wi-Fi Dock, a docking station for its Huawei E1691 data stick. It doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot and makes it possible to simultaneously connect more than 20 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the web.

Customers can add the Wi-Fi hotspots to any unlimited talk and text plan for $10 per month. For data stick and standalone Wi-Fi hotspot customers, Mobilicity offers unlimited data for $40/month.

The Huawei E583C and Huawei D105 Wi-Fi dock are priced at $99.99 and $69.99 respectively.

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