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Hi Guys , just stumbled accross this site, looks like a ton of info here. looks great !!

I have a couple of questions, first history and what I am doing ;

New home contructed and just moved in , did not really know what I needed at each part of the house so I ran a boat load of cat 5E to all areas of the hous back to a central location (work room), RG 6 to roof (Sat.)

I have just moved in and would like to start getting a little signal (tv, internet ect through out house.) .

I plan on putting a switch in the control room, then disperse internet through out house. My question is HDMI signal accross cat5 e , I have done a little
(very little) research, came up with cat5E hdmi baluns @ around $125/set . is this the best/cheapest way to go ?? also better brands than others ??

any help would be appriciated

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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