A story on video game blog Kotaku is reporting on a new in-store labeling practice by EB Games in Canada that appears to be an attempt to deceive customers into believing used games are actually new games.

According to an internal EB Games Canada memo sent to Kotaku, the video game store is eliminating its used games section and changing the colour of the used game price sticker to the same colour as used on its new games.

In the past EB Games had two sections on its shelves for games. New Games had white price labels and were placed in the New Game section while Used Games had yellow price tags and were place in the Used Game section.

Going forward, EB Games is requesting employees place both new and used games in a single section and place white price stickers on both types.

In addition, employees tell Kotaku that used games are to be stacked on top of new games. By doing this, there is a greater chance the customer will buy the used game and possibly think they are getting a new game at a greatly reduced price. While the white stickers on the used game will say used, EB Game employees tell the video game blog that many long-time customers don't even notice the difference since they have been conditioned to believe that white stickers are new and yellow stickers are used.

One employee, among the dozens that have confirmed the new policy, says the new problem could be nightmare as customer goes home and tries to validate a game for online play and finds out that it has already registered or they find out the gift they have given for Christmas is actually used.

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