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New Apple TV Discussion

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Got my Apple TV 2.0 from FedEx this morning. Here are my first impressions:

1. Its small. I mean really small.
2. It comes with a power cord and remote. You'll need you own HDMI and optical audio cable (if you want to hook it up to your receiver).
3. Interface/controls familiar if you have any apple product.
4. Loaded the apple remote app on my iPad. Makes navigation easy - but more importantly, makes data entry (like accounts/passwords) super easy as it you can use the keyboard that pops up on the iPad.
5. Netflix - looks good but I don't like the interface as much as on the iPad. I don't think it remembers where I left off watching a recording - not sure about this yet.
6. Turned on home sharing and was able to stream anything from my iTunes library (music, video, podcasts) to the TV.
7. You can watch youtube and podcasts (not from your iTunes library).
8. Tried listening to some internet radio - as I expected it to be.
9. Only movie rentals (looks like they are around $6) - you can preview and select SD or HD. No TV shows - but you could stream them from your iTunes library if you purchased TV shows there.

All in all I am quite impressed. Fast, easy to use. I just wish it allowed streaming from outside of iTunes.
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I never have video in iTunes; can you use formats outside of the Apple .mp4 or .m4v or .mov formats?

I'm guessing there's no way to stream an .avi or .mkv to it (yet)(?).

What's the Vegas line on the timeline for a jailbreak being announced? 10 days maybe?
And therein lies the reason I'm not in any huge rush to trust my movie-watching to streaming video. I don't know if it's Apple's fault, or the ISP's, but either way, our internet service just isn't rock-solid enough for my liking to go to streaming.

I might keep Netflix just to have movies available, but streaming for me will come from another computer on my home network.
1 - 3 of 65 Posts
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