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I think I finally solved my hard drive space problem for a little while.
My old Pentium 266 has a 4.3 GB hard drive which is almost full.
I spend way too much time deleting old files to free up space as I only have less than 100 mb of free space left.
A friend asked if I wanted to go to Future Shop with him to buy an external hard drive. Stoopid question. I went.
When I looked at the specs for what he bought, it said I could use it with my system although I only have USB 1.0.
So I bought the above drive for $129.00, after rebate, and just installed it.
Have transferred over 100 gb of files to my new "F drive" and freed up space on my C drive.
The year 2005 is starting off just great!
Now when I eventually update my computer, I will still have an extra 160 GB of space and will be able to transfer at USB 2.0 speed.
P.S. -Installation Question: When I clicked on My Computer and the new "F" drive, the only thing in it was a file called, .Trashes, which has a sub-file titled, 501 and ._501.
Anyone know what these files are and if they can be deleted?
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