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I have a couple of server computers in my basement attached to a Linksys 310N router. They each have a static IP from the router via their MAC address. All of my devices (BD players, WDTV, IMac, etc) can access the shared folders on the servers and can also remote desktop into them.

I now have FibreOp installed and want to try using my Linksys router as a VPN tunnel. So I moved the servers over to the Aliant router, assigned them new static IP's, and rebooted them. For some reason, one of the server boxes does not show up on the WDTV or the BD player. I can ping to it, I can remote desktop into it from the IMac, I can see in the router page that it has been assigned a correct IP - I just can't access the shares from my media devices. They can see the other server machine just fine.

When I moved the problem box back to the Linksys, everything was back to normal again. The computer is set to "Obtain address automatically", the folders are set to "Shared", and the media players are always on the same subnet.

What can be going on here?

BTW, the one that works is an XP machine and the one that is giving me trouble is a Windows 7 machine.

Thanks for the help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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