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Does anyone know if I were to connect a network storage drive to my Samsung HT-TQ85 HTIB through the USB in port if I could stream my media files to the HT-TQ85 from my computer via my wireless router?

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If you mean one of those network storage drives that have both USB-B (lets the HDD in the case work as a USB drive) and ethernetor wireless, likely not, at least without creative programming. You are probably better off buying a wireless media extender.

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According to the manual, a USB 1.x or 2.0 hard drive with FAT file system (not NTSF) is supported. The manual is available for download here.

From Page 44:
Compatible Devices
1. USB devices that support USB Mass Storage v1.0.
(USB devices that operate as a removable disk in Windows
(2000 or later) without additional driver installation.)
2. MP3 Player: HDD and flash type MP3 players.
3. Digital camera: Cameras that support USB Mass Storage v1.0.
• Cameras that operate as a removable disk in Windows (2000 or later) without additional
4. USB HDD and USB Flash Drive: Devices that support USB2.0
• You may experience a difference in playback quality when you connect a USB1.1 device.
• For a USB HDD, make sure to connect an auxiliary power cord to the USB HDD for
5. USB card Reader: One slot USB card reader and Multi slot USB
• Depending on the manufacturer. the USB card reader may not be supported.
• If you install multiple memory devices into a multi card reader, you may experience problems.
6. If you use a USB extension cable, the USB device might not be
● Supported Formats
• CBI (Control/Bulk/Interrupt) is not supported.
• Digital Cameras that use PTP protocol or require additional program
when connected to a PC are not supported.
• A device using NTFS file system is not supported.
(Only FAT 16/32 (File Allocation Table 16/32) file system is supported.)
• Some MP3 players, when connected to this product,may not operate
on the sector size of their file system.
• The USB HOST function is not supported if a product that transfers
its manufacturer-specific program is connected.
• Does not operate with Janus enabled MTP(Media Transfer Protocol)
• The USB host function of this product does not support all USB
For information on the supported devices, see pages 83.
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