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The Cellpipe 7130 has a 4 port switch built in... first try connecting your 4 computers to the Cellpipe's 4 port switch... if the problem goes away then I would have to think that the D-Link DGS-1016D. ...its auto-negotiation is not negotiating properly with the Cellpipe.

In your new setup the Cellpipe is not just a modem, it's your router too and it's what's assigning the IP's to your computers using DHCP. If the D-Link switch is not negotiating the speed correctly then you'll have problems like you described.

Also you say you have all your computers set to static IP's... well maybe the Cellpipe is using a different gateway IP... not the typical

Try letting your computers use dymanic IP (DHCP) and see what IP's they get... then check if the gateway IP is the same as what you had set on your computers using static IP's.
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