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from iPhoneCanada

There’s a hot new app that’s available in the App Store for free, called netTalk. This VoIP company has created an app for the iPhone that allows free calling to numbers to Canada and the USA over both 3G and WiFi (and even EDGE). It doesn’t use your daytime minutes, can’t receive incoming calls, and doesn’t show caller ID. But did I mention it allows for free calls?
I just tried this app and it works, sound quality could be a little better but it is free... They also have apps for any platform.

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Here are the features:

– Free calling to the US and Canada
- Connectivity through WIFI/3G/Edge
- Record conversations
- Import your contacts from your phone
- Receive customized support through 611
- Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
- Free 411 Directory Assistance
- Integrated contacts from the phone
- Favorite Contacts

More details from their iTunes description:

Coming soon:
- Link your netTALK DUO phone number to the app
- Low rates for international calling
- Receive calls on your iPhone to your netTALK number, without paying for cellular minutes

- Must be on WiFi/3G/EDGE
- Must create a netTALK account to use this app-no device needed
- International roaming charges may apply
- iPod touch/iPad require a compatible headset/microphone
- Operator data charges may apply.
- iPod touch 1st gen users must have iOS 2.2.1 or above
- Dialing 911 on the application will not work
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