Netflix announced today that, effective immediately, Nintendo Wii owners in the United States and Canada will be able to stream content to their game console without the need for a disc.

The Netflix service has been available on the Wii console in the United States since April 12, 2010, and in Canada since Sept. 22, 2010 but using the service was cumbersome since users were required to insert a disc every time they wanted to use the streaming service.

Going forward, Nintendo Wii owners who subscribe to the Netflix service and have downloaded and installed the Netflix application from the Wii Shop, will simply have to select the Netflix option on their Wii Menu in order to gain access to movies and TV shows.

Last week, Netflix also announced that it would no longer require a disc for the Sony PlayStation 3. Starting today, PS3 users will also be able to download a Netflix app and access streaming content.

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