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Netflix capable?

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Bought a Philips BDP 5012 /F7 which has ethernet port for internet access but is not capable of Netflix directly -- so I am told

So I think I need a media player or other streaming device - preferably wireless to receive from PC , translate? & deliver to the port . Presumably a recorder would be valuable as well.

Please help me understand the options

PS netflix comes through nice although I do not have superfast ISP
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Looks like I need dedicated wireless HD media player + adapter to add to a 2'nd TV . Also need fast router to deliver HD to the player.
Would be an advantage to be able to surf the net via the TV if this is also possible . How does one introduce a keyboard for this?
Roku Box no use in Canada?

There was an article found that suggests Roku 's will not stream netflix in Canada! I don't need a playstation! or Wii Netflix customer service difficult to navigate Will try again later
Laptop & VGA with Windows Media centre

Not seeing much help?
I believe I should be able to push a VGA signal to my TV using Windows Media centre via wireless router . Once I get a VGA cable I will try
The Netflix app incorporated into WMC does not work in Canada yet. :(
It points to the U.S. Netflix site, so no-go there! Hopefully Microsoft will push out an updated Netflix app for Canadians very soon that points to the Canadian Netflix site. Why this wasn't in place for the Canadian launch is beyond me.....much like the Xbox update! :confused:
You can, however, use your computer to output video and audio to your LCD if you have the proper connections on your comp and LCD. HDMI on both would be can use the VGA connector, but you would still need to output the audio from your would have video to your monitor, but not audio. This is why HDMI would be carries video and audio. :p
Wait & Hope

So we can wait & hope that copyright issues do not interfere although if you can use X box etc why not media centre.:mad: I'll push the question at Netflix Canada & report back
BDP-33FD ?

On the Pioneer Canada website, the Elite BDP-33FD has a red Netflix logo and says streaming player.
Does anybody know if this works yet? I'm looking for a better player than I have, but i want streaming if possible?

My old Samsung supposedly does BD live, but out of 12 movies i rented since i hooked it up to the internet, none of them have worked. Does BD Live work for anybody?


Update player

Apparently a lot of rental customers are complaining that "they don't work on my machine" As I understand you need to update some machines . My Philips with update has not messed up on any so far. The rental operation are limiting BD purchases because of the problems:mad:
I just updated the firmware on my Samsung BD-C6900 last night and I have Netflix (Canada) streaming to it now. It appears that Samsung finally got around to fixing this "issue". There is a new firmware for my tv as well (PN50C8000) which should also include the Netflix app.
There is a bunch of hardware stuff on the netflix site now. Samsung Toshiba. Has anyone seen any of these to purchase yet?
I just updated the firmware on my Samsung BD-C6900 last night and I have Netflix (Canada) streaming to it now. It appears that Samsung finally got around to fixing this "issue". There is a new firmware for my tv as well (PN50C8000) which should also include the Netflix app.
That is a very expensive high end Blu-ray player but you can confirm it is now working with

Has anyone tried the latest firmware for Samsung BD-P1600, BD-P3600, and BD-P4600 Blu-ray players and can confirm netflix canada is included and working?
The Samsung BD-P4600 still does not have an update yet for the Canadian Netflix. I am checking each day.
Has anyone tried the latest firmware for Samsung BD-P1600
I have a BD-P1600 and no Netfix yet.
BD-C5500 no update either... Keeping an eye out for it through.
My Samsung BD-C6500 with latest firmware update is Netflix capable.

I have watched a couple HD movies and a few Mad Men episodes.
The BD-P1600 still does not have Netflix. If Samsung is going to make me buy a new player just to get Netflix I will no longer buy their product. There is no hardware diff between this player and the US one. The diff is the firmware. Beginning to lose patience with this offshore company.
-- Netflix

Samsung 5500 -- working with updates in canada...

Samsung 1600 -- Update to be released by samsung Towards end of October 2010... (so they say... 'Samsung;)

BTW> I was not impressed by any samsung BD player I have seen as of yet..

as for the [email protected] service... its not worth the purchase of a unit for this feature..
-- NETFLIX -- SONY Products --- 2011 Release date..

After a conversation with Nathan at Sony of canada, I have been informed that Netflix will be released to all of sony's products that support internet video in 2011

I had mentioned that Samsung already has netflix, he was somewhat suprised.

if you have sony... 2011 you get netflix... ;)

It appears to be a common question they are being asked..


so what is it... (-:

I have had it since the first day it was in canada... its ok...

tried it on several devices...
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I can confirm the Samsung BD-C5500 now works with Netflix in Canada. F/W waat site below as it did not auto update for me. I had to burn a CD and update that way.

Ditto. I picked up a BD-C5500C at Costco in USA, then plugged it in here. Got a message to the effect of "Model of player does not match update file" (or wording to that effect).

Put the firmware file on a USB stick and plugged it in; 10 minutes later I had Netflix app.
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