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Last week, Nero president Richard Carriere and his technical director visited me and showed off their latest software including MoveIT which attempts to make it easy for consumers to easily convert music, videos, and photos from one file format to another for use across a broad range of portable devices.

With Move it, the user selects their source files, plugs their portable device into their PC and the files are converted into the desired format for transfer between your PCs, digital cameras, mobile phones, game devices.

Nero Move it automatically syncs with a long list of portable devices, allowing for the transfer of one file to multiple devices simultaneously. Offline transcoding allows for the preparation and staging of content when the device is not plugged in so when you synchronize devices, the converted content can be quickly shared.

For users that have the Nero Suite, you can do much the same in Nero Recode but MoveIt is a standalone product and has a much simpler and easier to use interface.

In observing MoveIT, it is clear that the focus is on ease of use. Select the file and then select the Output icon and click on the mouse. I was just watching the demo and am hoping to review the product but this really looks simple to use which for those of us who are more interested in outputting to a device than worrying about transcoding options, this could be a welcome tool.

I like the fact that you can select multiple output formats (say iPod Touch, PS3 and Blackberry) and it will output all three formats without any further intervention.

The Nero technical director also told me that multi core PC's would see dramatic improvements so presumably you can set MoveIT in gear and return to your work

I will post a review in coming weeks

Price $50
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