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Need some recommendations on 3-ch amp

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I Would like to ad a 3ch amp to my system for my front 3 and would appreciate some recommendations. I am new to amps and don't know which brands are available to us Canadians. Most of my online pals keep recommending Emotiva but I'm uneasy about ordering something like that over the border just in case I run into warranty issues.

For those who would ask if there is something lacking currently that makes me feel I need more power, my answer is not really. I have basically had a good season and am in a position where I have some "me" cash and this is what I would like to do.

Pioneer VSX-32
Klipsch RF-82 L/R
Klipsch RC-62 C
Klipsch RS 42's Surround & Heights

Recommend away! :)

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I don't think that you'll be able to beat the value of this Emotiva amp.

I don't know how reliable over time the Emo amps will be. The oldest amp I have (UPA-7) has been in use for only about a year - Nov 2009 - when I sold the Anthem MCA-50.

I had to send back the Anthem for warranty repairs after 3 years. My dealer charged me $30 to split shipping with them.

It looks like there's a UPS store in Port Angeles, Washington close to the ferry. Even with HST, UPS store charge $5, exchange rate, credit card charges 2.5%, +$150 for ferry and a 24-pack, you'd "only" be out about C$823.98. :)

Never mind, I just saw this in CAM. I'd get this if I were you.:D
I agree that it would be a pain to return something for warranty work. It was a pain when I had to do it with the Anthem MCA-50. I had to plug and reconnect speakers to the receiver and back after the work which took about three weeks.

Just giving the OP the option of another company. I'm happy to have found Emotiva last year through another forum.

Finally, for the price of one Anthem MCA-50, you can almost get five Emo monoblocks - UPA-1s (I have three for the LCR right now), delivered to Port Angeles, Washington (near the OP). With monos, you're only out one channel at a time and since these are lighter, shipping should be cheaper.:)
ScaryBob wrote:
I that case, go for separates, as one part of a receiver often breaks down or becomes obsolete before the other. I've had 3 receivers in the last 10 years that developed preamp problems and currently own one with a preamp that is considered obsolete. I can pretty much guarantee that the preamp section of a receiver purchased now will become obsolete in 5 to 10 years. It will probably still work but will not support new audio and video formats.
Exactly the reason why I myself (and I recommend to others to) use separates. There's always the case for AVRs which is why I think Anthem went to that target market - too big of a niche to ignore.

I bought the cheapest Pioneer AVR in 2002 with pre-outs, bought an Anthem MCA-50 in 2005 (replaced by four Emo amps in 2010), replaced AVR with Emo UMC-1 in 2010. Now I can buy the next Emo pre-pro XMC-1 at 40% discount (which I'm estimating will be US$600 after the discount).

As for buying Canadian and local, believe me I tried and keep trying. Every time I want to upgrade something, I visit at least three local dealers and see what they have to offer. It's the reason why I considered Bryston and Anthem and bought an Anthem amp in 2005 even though these are more expensive. Okay, I have to admit, I haven't heard of Emo at that time but I knew about Outlaw Audio (same difference).

What I like about all of these, is that I think quality music, notwithstanding MP3s, is now more accessible to average folks like me more than ever. And that's something I can be thankful for during this Thanksgiving day.:D
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