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Need some recommendations on 3-ch amp

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I Would like to ad a 3ch amp to my system for my front 3 and would appreciate some recommendations. I am new to amps and don't know which brands are available to us Canadians. Most of my online pals keep recommending Emotiva but I'm uneasy about ordering something like that over the border just in case I run into warranty issues.

For those who would ask if there is something lacking currently that makes me feel I need more power, my answer is not really. I have basically had a good season and am in a position where I have some "me" cash and this is what I would like to do.

Pioneer VSX-32
Klipsch RF-82 L/R
Klipsch RC-62 C
Klipsch RS 42's Surround & Heights

Recommend away! :)

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A well made amp can last 20 years or more. For an amp, it's not a bad deal since (so far) the technology has not changed. It's still basically analog in, analog out, though digital amplifiers are starting to appear. The preamp is where the major changes take place. In the last 10 years we've seen DD5.1, DTS, component video, DVI, HDMI, HDCP and several lossless audio formats appear. New audio and video standards are already in the works so it isn't going to stop soon. Amplifier and speaker technologies are still basically the same as they were 50 years ago, though improvements in materials and design have made significant improvements in performance.
I see Onkyo equipment discounted by about 40% all the time. The markup on them must be exceptionally high at the retail level, compared to other makes.

I must say I was astounded by the low prices on Emotiva equipment. I've seen similar equipment from Canadian companies selling for 3 times the price. (Prices were lower but went up about 50% after the good reviews came out.) Provided the build quality is there, and it appears to be, I would have no trouble buying cross border. Amps typically do not fail under warranty. It would be nice if Emotiva had an authorized Canadian repair depot though. If the worst happens, it could be repaired locally. Even if a unit needs to be repaired or replaced on my nickel, it's still cheaper than buying some competing brands.
my 20 years ''lasting'' comment was more about lifespan of the gear
I that case, go for separates, as one part of a receiver often breaks down or becomes obsolete before the other. I've had 3 receivers in the last 10 years that developed preamp problems and currently own one with a preamp that is considered obsolete. I can pretty much guarantee that the preamp section of a receiver purchased now will become obsolete in 5 to 10 years. It will probably still work but will not support new audio and video formats.

With amps and receivers, you pretty much get what you pay for but there are exceptions. A big box store receiver that costs under $500 will probably have problems within 5 years. A high end unit costing more will likely beat that by a large margin. That is due to build quality. Good quality, conservatively rated components cost money as do extensive product testing and good engineering. OTOH, watch out for companies that sell over-hyped, overpriced products to audiophiles with lots of spare cash.
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