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Need some recommendations on 3-ch amp

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I Would like to ad a 3ch amp to my system for my front 3 and would appreciate some recommendations. I am new to amps and don't know which brands are available to us Canadians. Most of my online pals keep recommending Emotiva but I'm uneasy about ordering something like that over the border just in case I run into warranty issues.

For those who would ask if there is something lacking currently that makes me feel I need more power, my answer is not really. I have basically had a good season and am in a position where I have some "me" cash and this is what I would like to do.

Pioneer VSX-32
Klipsch RF-82 L/R
Klipsch RC-62 C
Klipsch RS 42's Surround & Heights

Recommend away! :)

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A well made amp can last 20 years or more. For an amp, it's not a bad deal since (so far) the technology has not changed. It's still basically analog in, analog out, though digital amplifiers are starting to appear. The preamp is where the major changes take place. In the last 10 years we've seen DD5.1, DTS, component video, DVI, HDMI, HDCP and several lossless audio formats appear. New audio and video standards are already in the works so it isn't going to stop soon. Amplifier and speaker technologies are still basically the same as they were 50 years ago, though improvements in materials and design have made significant improvements in performance.
-- Scary
Fully agree with the above, IMO used is the way to go for best bang of the buck.
Listed for 10 days so far with 252 views and no takers. Sometimes I think there is more hype on this equipment than anything else.

Warranty repairs would cost way more than $30 for shipping for this unit.
I fully agree with your comments. IMO, the OP is better off with a good renowned brand in the used market pick-up locally than any emotiva products. Emotiva would be my last resort and it better be dirt cheap! I can not see sending one of them back under warranty, the cost of transport defeats the purpose of warranty no matter how good it is.

Emo units are excellent value.
Definitely NOT in CANADA!!!
Below are some Canadian manufacturers some may be pertinent others may not be however, it provides you some pointers to buy some equipment of good quality that should be painless when in need of service


Anthem - Anthem Audio
Bent Audio -
Blue Circle Audio - Blue Circle Audio
Bryston - Bryston Limited
Classé - Classé Audio
EMM Labs - EMM Labs
Linar Audio - Linar Audio
Magnum Dynalab - Magnum Dynalab Tuners
Morrison - Highend/
NAD Electronics - NAD
Oracle Audio - Oracle Audio
Rix Rax - Rix Rax...Highend Racks
Simaudio - MOON by Simaudio Ltd
Tenor Audio -
Virtual Dynamics - Virtual Dynamics
Wytech Labs - Wyetech Labs

Courtesy - AVSforum
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After 2 years I've not had to use the 5 yr warranty, but if I did, I might have to spend a little of that 1000 bucks to ship it to Tennessee. It's not a big deal and amps are not complicated at all. Emotiva will even ship parts to you if that will help. Any reputable amp tech could trouble shoot and fix an Emo amp 99% of the time.
Hum, very good and valid points runnin' ;) My only concern, will Emotiva last as long as 20 years (as previously mentioned) as in the long term (20 years or so) may make a big difference in the original 1K saving. I guess only time will tell... runnin', would you be kind enough to report in 20 years? Pink Mouth Smile Jaw
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runnin' my 20 years ''lasting'' comment was more about lifespan of the gear rather than if the company would still be around. You also have to keep in mind that China manufacturing is NOT geared for long lifespan but rather throw away technology. ùalso, note the joking portion of my response ;)
Of course another big disadvantage is that you don't get to see/hear the equipment against other brands.
That is also a big concern in my opinion, e-tailers do offer a better bang for the buck at the present time but once it manage to kill most of the brick and mortar stores, I can predict that pricing may no longer be so hot with e-tailers as the competition would largely be against e-tailers without any requirement to beat brick and mortar pricing. Since you can not audition and physically see the gear on e-tailers and noting that you have to pay for return shipping if not satisfied, that makes the e-tailers not so appealing. As long as there is brick and mortar stores available to audition prior to buying it is somewhat a buying satisfaction security but we have to realize brick and mortar stores will not survive if we solely used them as an audition-demo tool. Personaaly I prefer the brick and motar plus e-tailor option offered by most of the large chain such as COSTCO, BB and FS just to name a few as buying from them on line will not necessary kill their stores which IMHO is a win win situation for both parties.
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The other point I'd make is, in terms of features and value, you might be hard pressed to find a true pre-amp that's a better bet than a good AVR.
You are dealing mainly with HT people here rather than audiophile so for that reason your comment is correct however, turn this around meaning the gear is mainly used for audio/music SQ then the AVR is not the best option. Combo gear never offer as good quality as seperate would. For music, if you are expecting audiophile quality, a seperate pre-amp is a must, an AVR is a trade off which allows you to get combo options at lower pricing and of course, you get what you pay for.
The other point I'd make is, in terms of features and value, you might be hard pressed to find a true pre-amp that's a better bet than a good AVR.
Sorry, I must have missread you, I had the impression you were proning an AVR pre-amp processor as being a better choice than a seperate pre-processor and I was simply stating it was a good option in HT but also a compromise. Thus the reason for people that can afford it to use separate such as pre- or amps (as the OP) in conjunction with their AVR.

To go back to the OP, the quality of the separate amp is also a compromise. Usually the use of a dedicated amp for the front stage (LCR) is good solution to help mimise the compromise especially if one uses is system in a multi purpose system such as audio. Thus the reason for debating the choice of Emo to accomplish the task. I understand the fact that middle man is being avoide thus providing some savings however, I might question how low the saving would be without neglecting the quality and SQ output of such amp?
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