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Need some recommendations on 3-ch amp

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I Would like to ad a 3ch amp to my system for my front 3 and would appreciate some recommendations. I am new to amps and don't know which brands are available to us Canadians. Most of my online pals keep recommending Emotiva but I'm uneasy about ordering something like that over the border just in case I run into warranty issues.

For those who would ask if there is something lacking currently that makes me feel I need more power, my answer is not really. I have basically had a good season and am in a position where I have some "me" cash and this is what I would like to do.

Pioneer VSX-32
Klipsch RF-82 L/R
Klipsch RC-62 C
Klipsch RS 42's Surround & Heights

Recommend away! :)

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I would look at used as well.

I found a awesome Audio Refinement (YBA) Multi-3 on canuck audio mart for a great price. It's an fantastic piece of equipment and I'm using it in the exact same fashion you're thinking of (powering the front stage and letting my AVR (also the VSX-32) to amp the surrounds).

So I would obviously add the Audio Refinement Multi-3 to your search. As well, ATI makes a few of their products in three-channel versions. I think there's an 1800 series (AT1803) and a 2000 series version as well (AT2003).
Emo units are excellent value. Performance wise, and most importantly sonically, I don't think they are in the league of the other stuff mentioned in this thread (Bryston, Classe, YBA, and Anthem), but the value proposition is hard to beat for a new amp.

However, used, I would look at much better products that can be had at places like CAM for what amount to better value for your purchase.
My comment as to Emo's value was strictly as a new product purchase. I wasn't factoring in potential warranty issues (I've only ever had one power amp failure and that was a 20 year old SAE finally giving up the ghost a few years ago). That said, Emo would never be a purchase consideration on my part because there are so many better products around.

TK's list is excellent.
Separates with a qualification: a good AVR is a good pre-pro. The whole purpose of a three-channel amp as contemplated by the OP is to use it to power the front soundstage (L/R/C). An AVR would be necessary to power the surround channels.

The other point I'd make is, in terms of features and value, you might be hard pressed to find a true pre-amp that's a better bet than a good AVR.
TK, I am responding to the original poster and his situation. I am not arguing that a good stereo separates will outperform the configurations we're talking about, just keeping the discussion on topic as it relates to the OP.
TK, he's got a Pioneer Elite VSX-32. It features HDMI 1.4, IP Control, and Marvell scaling. Setting aside nice to haves like internet radio, none of the hallmark amp manufacturers have pre-pros that measure up feature wise. Not Anthem, Parasound, Classe, or Emotiva.

It's part of a home theatre. For the marginal trade-off of two-channel audio SQ, Marvell scaling alone more than makes up for it. Unless you're suggesting that he also invest in a stand-alone scaler, it really doesn't address MikeK's fundamental question ... what is a good three-channel amp to use for his front soundstage?
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