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Need some recommendations on 3-ch amp

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I Would like to ad a 3ch amp to my system for my front 3 and would appreciate some recommendations. I am new to amps and don't know which brands are available to us Canadians. Most of my online pals keep recommending Emotiva but I'm uneasy about ordering something like that over the border just in case I run into warranty issues.

For those who would ask if there is something lacking currently that makes me feel I need more power, my answer is not really. I have basically had a good season and am in a position where I have some "me" cash and this is what I would like to do.

Pioneer VSX-32
Klipsch RF-82 L/R
Klipsch RC-62 C
Klipsch RS 42's Surround & Heights

Recommend away! :)

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Look at Bryston, Classe, Rotel, Marantz, Krell and Anthem. I know some of them may not offer a 3 channel power amp but they do offer 2 and 5 channel as well as Mono blocks. Personally I would look into the Bryston Classe, or Marantz. A couple friends of mine have Rotels with B&W speakers and are disapointed with the sound and wish they had purchased a Bryston or Classe instead.

I know Bryston is Canadian and I am pretty sure Marantz is also Canadian. Rotel Classe and Krell are all european but are all very good products.
starchoice Bryston is frightfully expensive. Do you have a price range?
Yes this is true but there is no other company out there (that I know of) that is offering a 20yr warranty on their products, and in some cases lifetime. Although no one now a days keeps their equipment for 20 years, even if you have it for 10 and something goes wrong you are out the shipping costs to and from Peterborough and an amp for a couple weeks rather than out another $1500 for a new amp.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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