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I just purchased a Panasonic Plasma, TC-P50U2, a couple of weeks ago.

I've noticed that movies have a strong greenish tint. In dark scenes, blacks and greys have a strong greenish hue. Bright scenes are better but a green bias can still be seen. TV shows are fine, I only have this problem with movies. This happens regardless of the source i.e. whether I'm watching a movie from a blu-ray player or a movie shown in cable.

I've tried adjusting the brightness level but it did not help. Increasing the color level helps a bit, but this makes all the colors look unnatural. Adjusting tint has not helped.

I have Disney's WOW calibration disc, I have tried the Basic and Advanced optimization and so far have had no luck here as well.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks to all who replied to my post, here's some additional information:

-Samsung C6500 Blu-ray player is directly connected to the TV via HDMI
-Rogers STB is directly connected to the TV via HDMI

Here are my current settings, all values are factory/default settings except for Custom:

Cinema Standard Game Custom Vivid
Contrast 100 100 100 100 100
Brightness 58 50 50 52 50
Color 51 50 50 50 60
Tint 0 0 0 2 0
Sharpness 50 75 75 50 78
Color temp Warm Normal Normal Normal Cool
xvColor Off Off Off Off Off
CATS Off On Off Off Off
Video NR Off Off Off Off Off
Aspect Adjustments:
Screen format full Full Full Full Full
HD Size Size 1 Size 1 Size 1 Size 1 Size 1
Advanced Picture:
MPEG NR Off Off Off Off Off
Black level Light Light Light Light Light

-I have tried all combinations of picture mode (standard, cinema, vivid) and color temp (warm, normal, cool) - and I still see the same green tint instead of grey or black.

-I would like to try DIY calibration first, this is why I purchased a calibration disc.

The picture is perfect otherwise, it is just the dark scenes in movies where it's supposed to be showing greys and blacks but instead it shows up in greens. I know it should be showing greys because I watched the same movies on my DVD/CRT unit and these scenes are in grey and not green. I do not think there is a problem with the TV displaying blacks and greys because when displaying TV shows it shows these colours. So, I'm assuming the problem is somewhere in the settings.

-I'll try jvincent's advise to play around with brightness and contrast and see what happens. I would appreciate any other additional suggestions for me to try.

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