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I wanna get a panasonic plasma, and I see many
cheaper models Like S or U but I can only do 42
inch and I have had my eye on the G25 plasma,
and looking at reviews many people said the blacks
on this plasma may fade after 7 or 8 months along
with other G panasonic plasma's like G10 or G25.
Can someone recommend if it's still good or which
panasonic plasma's blacks wont fade, and I will
research the model.

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Thanks michael, I am doing research and
I am deciding between a high quality 120hz LED
or this panny, but so many people are making
complaints about blacks fading in days even, i
even see people saying that panasonic has made
there 2009 and 2010 models a joke. Like the picture
will be awesome the first 6 months and then it's
really degraded, I would rather have LED LCD that
has the same vivid colors 20 years from now.

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OK this is a big decision, because it's almost a
grand and a half in total. So the Blacks on the
G25 fade to a certain point that it will stop?
It's just that on a forum I heard to many stories
I don't want to be disappointed with my purchase.
I might get the 1 year warranty incase something

But I need the plasma for HD broadcasts, Blu
ray movies, xbox 360.

I know about how to break in so I will do that.

But for the 360 I want colors to pop so I will
set up game mode with contrast at
80% colors 80% almost everything
with 80% except brightness.

For movies I will just leave THX mode
and I will also have a setting to make
movies and colors pop and also I will
have some low settings for standard

Is this plasma right for me or if I have
settings in the 80% range I will screw it
up. Also if the blacks fade, do the colors
fade with it?

If not Im thinking about maybe a LG Infinia
or sharp Quattron both 120hz.

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Cool man sounds like it's good, I game 2-3 hours a day
sometimes with static images including black bars, I hope
that wont affect the G25's performance, maybe just set the
anti burn features on high. The worst that can happen is
retention with these new models which can be wiped off
with a built in scroller. I heard only use the scroll when
necassary right?
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