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Firstly, if you can easily disable ALL data access on your phone, do so immediately.

If that particular application is reporting data usage correctly, then your math does seem correct - as long as you weren't tethering (using the phone as a modem). That would add additional fees and is usually the cause when you see those "thousands of dollars" in roaming fees. 21MB of data also isn't ridiculously large as would be generated by tethering (though obviously International data roaming rates are crazy no matter how much data you use).

Once the Rogers site comes back up, you might want to see if there's a phone number you could call them at to explain the situation (worst case, most carriers should allow collect calls in a case like this). They may try to tell you there's nothing they can do, but it definitely can't hurt to ask. Let them know it was an honest mistake (and as mentioned, don't use any more data if you can avoid it). Make sure to be polite to the rep, and feel free to escalate to a supervisor if needed.

Thanks for reading folks. Please spare me the ridicule and any jokes
Agreed! This kind of situation is tough on its own and nobody should make you feel worse about it. Mistakes happen and at least you caught it before being surprised at the bill. Hopefully Rogers can help lower the amount a bit.
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