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Well my iphone 4 was stolen last weekend. I am on a contract and not elegible for an upgrade just yet but I have $180 fido dollars. They wouldnt let me use it for any smartphone because it requires a new activation on a 3 year term etc to use fido dollars. They said i could use my fido dollars on a non-smart phone with no term.

SO, I use the phone and connect to my laptop to tether. I don't use my phone for much else besides texting. The iphone looks cool but I dont use it much for its apps or features so Im ok with a different phone.

Can I use a non-smart phone to tether? I have the 6GB data plan etc still. Are non smart-phones the same speeds up/down as an iphone 4?

I was looking at the vivaz and the t715 on fidos website.

any input is appreciated.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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