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Need help and input. iphone 4 stolen... Need a non 'smart' that can tether(fido)

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Well my iphone 4 was stolen last weekend. I am on a contract and not elegible for an upgrade just yet but I have $180 fido dollars. They wouldnt let me use it for any smartphone because it requires a new activation on a 3 year term etc to use fido dollars. They said i could use my fido dollars on a non-smart phone with no term.

SO, I use the phone and connect to my laptop to tether. I don't use my phone for much else besides texting. The iphone looks cool but I dont use it much for its apps or features so Im ok with a different phone.

Can I use a non-smart phone to tether? I have the 6GB data plan etc still. Are non smart-phones the same speeds up/down as an iphone 4?

I was looking at the vivaz and the t715 on fidos website.

any input is appreciated.
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I have not heard of a feature phone that can tether
I don't know of any specifically on Fido, but I know several of Wind's feature phones can tether, so it is possible. It would have to be a 3G phone though.
Fido consider the Vivaz as a quick messaging phone, not a smartphone, so they may let you get one. This phone can tether via USB or Bluetooth. The details are on the Sony Ericson support site. You do need a real data plan, not the unlimited browsing plan, but since you have one you should be good.
just buy a cheap ol 3G phone from the Fli market and teher it, a motorola RAZR2 V9 is a great 3G non smart phone. but why limit yourself to non-smart phones? you can prolly buy a samsung jack for cheap too and it can use your existing data plan and theather too.
fido dollars are free dollars....if he uses those he doesnt have to spend anything thats why!

Id go through the website and order yoru phoen there. im preety sure you can use your Fido dollars through the store
the sony vivaz is a non-smart phone with 3G HSPA
The Sony Ericsson T715 can be used for tethering as well. Just needs to have its software reverted back to factory settings. See the Sony site for details on returning it to its factory state.
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