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I have not seen this phone on Panasonic's Canadian Website, so I'm not to sure people may be aware of it yet. This is in regards to Panasonic model KX-TG6583T, I believe it's the best phone they have to offer on the US site.

Can anyone please tell me how the Panasonic cordless will react when a text message is received on a cell phone that is paired with it?

I read one review that said it will it indicate that a text message has been received?

will the indicator keep notifying you every few minutes that a text message is waiting?

can you see the text message from the cordless?

I ask because I recieve work related text messages and it is important that I respond within a certaina amount of minutes, I need to be able to hear it from the cordless and if I'm in the shower or something, I need an indication that a text message was left. I can live without being able to see the actual message on the cordless, I just need to know it was sent.

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