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My SACD Experience - Oppo 980H

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My older Sony player was supposed to be SACD (SuperAudio)compatible. However the multiple channels could only be output through patch cords using an analog signal. I found this to be quite unsatisfactory. So I invested a couple of hundred dollars in an Oppo 980H which outputs a raw 7.1/5.1 digital signal through the HDMI connection and lets my Yamaha 6190 handle the processing. Now this is indeed beautiful sound. It is reminiscent of the best of vinyl without the pops, cracks and rumble. There is a 'live' quality to the sound and precise spatial soundstage which are rather bewitching to this classical music lover. I am hooked. A source of supply for SACD is a problem locally. My best source so far is where there is an extensive listing.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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