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My PVR - Remote PVR Functionality

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Go to the MTS website and into your account.

You can sign up for remote PVR functionality.

This appears to allow you to see everything that is on your PVR. What is scheduled to be recorded and set-up additional recordings.

Very Cool.
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Here's the blurb from the MTS Ultimate TV page, under Features/PVR.

Not the prettiest UI that I ever saw, but it works.
I would say that's an overly strong recommendation.
Did you try to record a program?

After many errors like this, "An error occurred in the application. Please wait a moment and retry the request." I gave up.

I doubt if they actually want anyone to use it yet; the server just can't handle it.

Dave S.
Today it seems to be working fine.
No errors, and I was able to schedule a recording.

This will be a useful function for me.

Dave S.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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