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Thinking to build my HT area in basement (around 20 x 20 ft). Due to busy schedule & budget, I may take up to a year (or at least until Christmas) to purchase the following components:

1. 1080p LCD TV
2. AV receiver
3. 5.1 speakers

I have my new Oppo BD-83 Blu-ray player hooked up with a crappy Denon AVR 689 receiver and Paradigm CT110 5.1 speakers in living room. Now it is being invaded by the kids playing Disney DVDs or just watching Treehouse TV every day.

Here is my plan - 1st of all, I want to buy a 46"+ LCD TV for below $2000 CAD budget. Any suggestions? I will move my Oppo BD-83 to basement and hook up via HDMI cable for the time being. Since I am on Rogers VIP program I have a free analog cable outlet in the basement (I know it sucks, but at least I got some channels).

In a few months, I plan to buy a new receiver (Marantz 6003?) and wanted to buy some good speakers. Listen, here is the little tricky part - I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 20 and I can use it either as the front or back channel (preferably back). Wanted to spend $3K or slight more for some good speakers that I can enjoy both music & movies. My Oppo BD-83 also plays SACD so wanted to make use of that too.

Back to topic, let's start with TV. Which brand/model would you recommend? I may (or may not) hook it up with Wii / PS3 as well.

Frankly speaking - I am not too happy with the picture quality of my SHARP TV. I had a SONY 32" and the picture quality is much sharper :) The SHARP seems to be too red and not displaying the details. My old Acer 37" TV also sucks - it claims to support 1080p but not via HDMI ~ no use. SONY seems to be perfect except expensive. Samsung looks cool but not sure about Korean TV (I was more towards Japanese brands before). So any inputs welcome. Thanks!

Oh gosh, I spent a lot $$ on HT equipment this year and I dreamed that government's home improvement rebate/tax refund can count-in TV upgrades :)
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