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I've decided to post my results here because, the market has been flooded with Chinese antennas Highly Questionable quality. These are European made. I've done some Televes reviews on some other forums also. There's a lot of misunderstanding out there.

I've had these Televes antennas for a month now and I have to say they are very good antenna. There's been some controversy because this is an antenna with a preamp built-in and, that it's all in the amp and nothing in the antenna. I would have to say nothing is farther from the truth. Actually, what the T Force variable gain preamp can do for you is allow you to you to use the same antenna on more powerful stations that would normally overload some preamps.

The next series of pictures was taken during my preparation, setup and testing of the Televes DAT BOSS Mix LR versus the Antennas Direct 91XG, and the Xtreme Signal HDB91X. Most of my testing was done within10 minutes which meant a lot of quick antenna changes. In other words, I had to keep switching antennas to get each spectral analysis within 10 minutes of the two being tested. I would scan each into twice, switch, scan again twice, switch again. A lot of movement up and down the ladder and a lot of testing.

I was well-prepared the night before. The next morning I got up and began my testing rapidly switching antennas.

I will show my test results in the next Post in this thread but for now, I'll leave the group with these pictures.

Preparing the night before, ready to go in the morning:

This photo was after it was all done, chronologically out of order:

I kept the 163XG on the mast to help equalize the aim and it would be the final test in the morning also.
HDB91X under the 163XG:

91 XG ready for testing:

Televes DAT BOSS Mix LR laid out for assembly:

Ready to test:

It takes about one beer to assemble, I was definitely thirsty that night.

Since I'm not an engineer with all the equipment, I will have to rely on my Toshiba signal meter for SNR RF31 49 miles LOS 31dB SNR with the DAT:


I would have to comb through all my signal meter photos . But they all basically look like that one and since there is a 10 screenshots file limit, I don't know how useful they will be. I'll continue in the next post.

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Testing was done with the preamps turned on. On the non-Televes antennas I use the Kitz Technologies KT - 200, a well-respected preamplifier.

Warming up the HDB91X, checking for signal consistency, all good, both traces fairly consistent, I really just wanted to make sure the signal environment was stable.:


HDB91X w KT-200 (Green) vs DAT Boss LR Mix (Blue)

HDB 91X Blue trace, 91XG Green trace both using same KT-200. Although my intention was not to test these two antennas against each other, why not?, since I had the data:

Televes DAT Boss LR (Blue trace) Vs. the 91 XG.

A few minutes later, to be sure. Televes- blue trace, 91XG Green trace.

Several minutes later,. Televes Vs. 91 XG :

Here's the one that gets me, My home brew 163XG(Green trace) Vs. the Televes (Blue trace)


Re-checked my connections and gave it another round, still the Televes is a worthy opponent for the 163XG:

Just a footnote, as soon as they are available, I want to try a Televes T Force preamp on my 163XG.

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