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Must I use Rogers Splitters???

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I've added a couple of rooms in the basement and ran some new cable, but had some issues so I had the Rogers tech in. He added a booster and replaced my new General Electric splitters 5-2300MHZ with a new powered 4 way 52-1002MHz Fwd (+8dB) / 5-42MHz Rtn (-8dB) splitter. Other two way 5-2300MHZ splitters were replaced with 52-1002 two way splitters.
I still have a couple of 5-2300 splitters behind the drywall. Do I need to replace those with 52-1002MHZ's??????

The tech says that the satellite type 5-2300 splitters only allow one way communication and should not be used with Rogers cable. Can anyone back this up?

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thank for the help.
But none of the 52-1002 or the 5-2300 splitters I have state that they are bi-directional.
Are all 52-1002 bi-directional?
Are all 5-2300 non bi-directional?
Is there a simple way to test?
I believe the return path is listed as a separate spec on the splitters from the Forward path.
My MRA4-8 amplified splitter shows this as 5-42MHz Rtn, but all the basic splitters show no value on the units.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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