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Hi guys,

I've seen an older thread or two discussing some options for people wanting to control multiple boxes of the same kind, which isn't feasible with Motorola cable boxes under normal circumstances. The solutions I saw in those threads I'm not sure would work or not for what I'm looking at.

I have two different scenarios - one is where you could have about 4 digital boxes stacked on top of each other controlling different TVs in a restaurant or bar. I need a way to control boxes individually with a remote. I've read of systems that are IR blasters with addressable ports, does anyone have a good recommendation for this?

The second scenario is for something like a gym, where there might be several TVs on a wall, with a digital box (wall-mounted?) attached to each. They don't want someone on a treadmill watching one TV able to change the channel on the TV next to them. Again, probably an IR blaster system with addressable ports, but this time with multiple remotes?

Any help that you guys might have would be appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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