Coverage of the MuayThai Premier League (MPL) in Canada begins September 13th, 2011 at 8 pm EST theScore Television Network. theScore is the first major television network to air MuayThai in Canada.

MuayThai, also known as Thai boxing, is an extremely effective and lethal form of martial arts utilizing punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.

Interest in Muay Thai has risen even more significantly in the past ten years, due to the popularity of martial arts in film and television. The most notable practitioner of Muay Thai is martial arts sensation Tony Jaa. One of the first popular films that included Muay Thai was Jean-Claude Van Damme's 1989 movie Kickboxer.

The first MPL event, "Stars & Stripes" will feature MuayThai legends Buakaw, Julie Kitchen, Nathan Corbett and Baxter Humby. The MPL is a structured league format comprised of five weight divisions - four male, one female - where fighters must earn their place in the finals. With eight competitors in each division, the fighters are split into two pools.

In the Round Robin stage, each fighter faces the other three competitors in their group, earning three points for a knockout victory, two points for a decision victory, and one point for a draw. At the conclusion of the Round Robin stage, the top two fighters in each Group will advance to the elimination stage, where the top fighter in Group A will compete against the second place fighter in Group B and vice versa. The winners of these semi-final matches will then advance to the finals to compete for the MPL and WMC World Championships in their respective weight classes.

At the conclusion of the season, athletes who advanced to the elimination stage will remain for season two, the following September. Fighters who do not advance to the elimination stage will be replaced with new competitors drafted by the league to compete in the upcoming season.

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