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mts wireless router problem ps3

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i recently got the mts ultimate package. for years i have been watching movies for my computer on my ps3. but since mts installed their router i can see the files with my ps3 but when i try to watch them i get a server error (00000). tech support can't (or more likely won't) help me. anybody have any ideas? thanks
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Yeah, I don't think this falls under tech support guidelines. I can try to help, on my own behalf. I'm no expert, but I've fiddled with this stuff a little.

Can you give a little more detail please? Are you running your own router downstream of the MTS gateway? Did you configure it to their recommended settings? (turn off DHCP server, change ip address, move wire from WAN to LAN port, etc)

This may have something to do with UPnP, NAT or something like that. I haven't touched that kind of stuff, but someone else here might have an idea.
there is no other router downstream. i just let them do it all. i had no problem using my old dlink but i can't do anything with this 2wire.
Can you access the internet from the PS3? Did MTS set up the wireless for you?
Is your PC wired or wireless?
What software are you using on your PS3 and PC (which OS)?
the pc is wired the ps3 is wireless
got vista on the computer and just the latest update for the ps3
i can connect to the internet with the ps3 can even see the files on my computer with it. just can't watch or listen to them. mts did set up the computer when they installed the new router.
Hmmm... Do you remember ever having to change a setting in your old router to get things working in the past?

I just did a little searching on google with "ps3 server error 00000" and the first link (to the official PS forums) has some good info that may help you.

Sounds like it might be something fairly simple. Good luck!

I'm not a PS3 user so I don't know how much I can help. Maybe someone else can chime in.

If you can access the internet from the PS3 and see the files on your PC, it seems some ports are being blocked. AFAIK the firewall in the 2wire modem only blocks internet ports so that shouldn't be the problem with sharing files from your PC.

If you or MTS installed ZoneAlarm, try temporarily shutting it down by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Shutdown. If that doesn't solve it, check your Windows firewall to see if it is blocking any ports.

From the reading I did I'm guessing you're using Windows Media Player on the PC to share the movies. Double-check both the PC and PS3 to make sure the IP addresses are assigned dynamically (not static). Also double check that the file sharing and other settings in WMP are correct on the PC.
thanks guys i'll fart around with it a bit and let you know
hey guys got her beat :) it was a problem with the firewall. they changed all sorts of settings in there after i told him not to mess anything up. god i hate mts and everything they do. the guy even broke some of my plumbing when he was installing nthe new cable for the new hd. lucky i got a plumber who owed me for wiring his basement. mts even wanted me to deal with the contractor to fix the problem. any way sorry for the rant and thanks for the info
Glad it's working. Was it Windows firewall?

MTS should be responsible for dealing with their contractor for damages, not you.
"god i hate mts and everything they do"

Then go to shaw
Mtsguy, i usually wait for a customer to say that. Now that i'm being paid by "the man" i can't, in good conscience, tell someone to go to the competition. I know you're probably being sarcastic.

If someone threatens to switch, i won't argue it, but i won't instigate it. After all, our customers are important, right?
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