MTS TV today began rolling out a large number of changes to its television line-up including the addition of over 25 new channels, 18 of which are in high definition.

The IPTV television provider is also offering free previews for Sports TV Americas, the Miracle Channel, Tumble Books, Games 4TV and Hollywood Suite.

The chart on the right is a list of new stations along with channel numbers and the MTS theme group they will be included with.

The following is a list of new channels on free preview along with prices after the preview ends.

Sport TV Americas
Free Preview until January 8, 2012 - Channel 527

Sport TV Americas is a Portuguese-language channel that delivers the widest variety of Portuguese sports programming, including: soccer, golf, basketball, volleyball, rugby and tennis. Sport TV Americas can be found in Additional Choices and can be purchased individually for $19.99/mth.

Miracle Channel
Free Preview until January 8, 2012 - Channel 523

Miracle Channel is Canada's only 24/7 Christian TV channel offering a wide variety of quality, relevant, contemporary Christian programs. Movies, documentaries, reality TV, talk shows, music and more…there is something for everyone on Miracle Channel! Miracle Channel can be found in Additional Choices and can be purchased for $2.99/mth.

Tumble Books
Free Preview until December 31 - Channel 45

Access a library of animated, talking picture books especially designed for children 4-10 years old. Tumblebooks are created by taking existing picture books and adding animation, sound, music and narration so your child can read along or choose to have the book read to them. Over 100 popular book titles with new books added quarterly for $4.99/mth

Games 4TV
Free Preview until December 31 - Channel 46
Choose from 12 different games to play using MTS remote control for $3.99/mth

Hollywood Suite Theme (all HD)
Free Preview from December 8, 2011 to February 19, 2012

Four chanels including: The MGM Channel - Channel 468, Warner Films - Channel 468, Hollywood Storm – Channel 469, and Hollywood Festival – Channel 470 for $5 per month.

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