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There wasn't an official announcement, but I saw the following on the MTS What's New page.
MTS TV has launched 7 new multicultural channels that offer programming in 7 different languages: Hindi, Polish, Spanish, Russian, German, Mandarin and Italian.
  • 510 Sony Entertainment Television Asia is a Hindi-language channel dedicated to provide the best in family entertainment, with an impressive line-up which ranges from the supernatural to the light-hearted, from talk shows to lifestyle improvers and from the most glamorous events to legendary blockbusters.
  • 515 TV Polonia is the premier Polish-language channel and provides a variety of popular programs such as movies, sports, entertainment, soap operas, documentaries, masterpiece theatre, children and educational programming as well as the latest news.
  • 517 TLN en Espanol is a Spanish-language channel that offers exclusive programming from the Latin world, including daily news, movies, soap operas, talk shows, top soccer coverage and live events.
  • 518 RTR Planeta is a Russian-language network that features news, sports, cultural programs, feature films, documentaries and offers the best programming from leading Russian channels Kultura and Rossiya.
  • 519 ProSiebenSat.1 Welt is a uniquely modern general-interest German-language TV channel that offers movies, popular series, folk music shows, award-winning comedies, and a variety of other exciting shows and lifestyle programs.
  • 520 Talentvision is a Mandarin-language channel that offers a mix of cultural, educational, news and lifestyle programs produced locally and imported from Mainland China and Taiwan.
  • 522 Rai Italia is an Italian-language channel devoted to those who love Italy, Italian culture and history. Offering some of the best Italian television productions, Rai Italia features a mix of news, entertainment, drama, current affairs and the arts.
The channels and prices are listed under "Additional Choices" under both MTS Classic TV and Ultimate.

I noticed I'm getting CNN en Espanol on channel 517. I don't know if that applies to everyone or just those subscribed to CNN on 103.
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