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Hello everyone,

I have a question / observation about the new MTS TV last channel feature that I wanted to share and see if anyone else has noticed the same thing I have.

First off, I really liked the new MTS last channel feature. For reference I am talking about when you hit last channel, the screen shows the last five channels you have been to on the right hand side.

Here is where things get murky. What I originally loved about the feature is that when I was flipping between two hockey games and hit last channel, the main area of the screen would change to the "new" channel, but the top option in the list of five, and the small screen on the lower right would remain on the channel I was flipping "from".

This was great, because if I was on CBC I could hit last channel to go to TSN for instance, but if the game wasn't on on TSN, I could hit ok and stay on CBC, because CBC was the top option in my list of 5, and video of CBC was showing in the bottom right hand corner.

Now, I have noticed that sometimes I will start watching a few games and the process will work like the above. And then for reasons that I have yet to figure out, the Last Channel functionality will change.

What it changes to is, if I am on CBC and click last channel to go back to TSN it makes TSN the top option on my list of 5 AND it makes TSN both the main video and also the small video option on the lower right side. This (to me) totally defeats the purpose of the last channel feature. Why can it not stay the way it's supposed to (top choice of 5 last channels, plus small video window is the channel that you just came FROM)?

Has anyone else noticed this? Play around with it for a while because for me it's not always the same. I also haven't tested it fully between the two different types of boxes. I am 100% confident that it is happening on the two additional boxes (I.E. not the main box). I even showed it to my wife and she has noticed the differences as well.
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