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Just thought that I would put up a quick note that MTS is having problems with their new Residential Voice Mail system (aka Call Answer) that went live on Feb 6 2011.

It appears that if you are using call forwarding to a residential number that has that voice mail it will not transfer to your voice mail box but advises the caller they have entered a voice mail system and asks for the number you are calling.

As the caller does not realize they have been call forwarded they enter in the number they were calling and get a message saying the number is invalid and the call is dropped.

I contacted MTS and received both a call and email this afternoon saying that "yes this is a bug in their new system and they are working with the vendor to fix it but don't know when".

It sure shows how things have changed from the old Nortel / Western Electric days when software updates would have been tested vigorously before being installed on the switches.
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