Manitoba residents craving a lightning-fast 4G mobile network in their province will be relieved to know that Ericsson is on the job.

MTS Allstream (TSX: MBT) selected the Swedish-based telecommunications leader to furnish the LTE Network to enable commercial services in 2012, such as video and music streaming, video conferencing, online gaming, and other services that rely on handling large amounts of data.

Mike Strople, Chief Technology Officer of MTS Allstream said: "Our upcoming launch of MTS's 4G LTE network powered by Ericsson demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers the most innovative products and services available. With the 4G LTE network, our customers will be able to take advantage of the speed and connectivity offered by this world leading technology."

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) will provide services including radio network, Evolved Packet Core network, policy control and subscriber management. Additionally, Ericsson will enable MTS to provide LTE to existing HSPA Evolution customers while ensuring their devices still work in areas where LTE coverage is not present.

Mark Henderson, President and CEO, Ericsson Canada, notes: "By deploying dual access HSPA Evolution and LTE services, MTS is demonstrating the smooth path operators can take to upgrade their existing infrastructure more effectively. The evolution of existing packet core nodes to Evolved Packet Core will make new capabilities available through software upgrades, minimizing the need for operators to deploy and integrate new network equipment."

It's interesting to note that Ericsson continues to drive open standards and has made great inroads on the Long Term Evolution specifications released to date. Ericsson expects to hold 25 percent of all essential patents related to LTE, which will make it the standard's largest single patent holder.

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