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MS pulls plug on Zune

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Although they'll sell existing models for the time being, there will be no more hardware development for this troubled franchise.
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That's funny... I read on some blog a few weeks ago they where finally going to release the Zune here in Canada.
I own two (down from 3 at one point) and I have looked high and low for a basic dock. One place wanted $200. No thanks. I finally found one on liquidation. They are not that bad. It took me some time to get used to the Zune software. But I am not a hardcore user either. Microsoft should have concentrated on the hardware and opened up the software to developers. No way they could out-GUI Apple.
MS pulls plug on Zune
'Bout time!! This was a stillborn product if there ever was one.
I have had both generations of Zunes and enjoyed both. Still use the Zune HD.
I wonder what will happen to the Zune area on Xbox Live
Okay I don't get this

Zune, introduced in 2006, never managed to break the iPod’s grip on the music-player industry and became the brunt of late- night talk-show jokes. Apple Inc. ’s iPod led the market with 77 percent of unit sales last year, while the Zune failed to crack the top five, according to NPD Group Inc. By adding the Zune features to the Windows Phone software, Microsoft aims to gain ground in another challenging area -- mobile phones -- where it’s lost market share to Google Inc. and Apple.
You've got software on a product that fails to crack the top five and has been a commercial failure so rather than abandoning it, you decide to put it on another product that is struggling to gain market share.

Where's the logic?
It's too bad Microsoft bungled the Zune product line. I've really enjoyed using my Zune 120 but, having dropping it a third time, it's started acting wonky and will likely have to be replaced in the not-too-distant future.

Given Microsoft's announcement, I won't be investing in another Zune product. Pity.

Instead, my next music player will likely be a 64Gb iPod Touch.
If at first you don't success. ;)

Eljay I dropped mine (16GB) from about 2 feet onto my driveway. Cracked the screen. She ain't purdy but she still works. Bummed that the screen was so fragile. Had I know I would have used the leather case more.
I dropped mine (16GB) from about 2 feet onto my driveway. ... she still works.
Ah, the advantage of a solid-state drive! :)

My drops weren't severe, but I guess three of them was one too many for the mini-HDD. Oh, well.
If that doesn't give another reason to sack Balmer...
MS is losing more credibility with every new project that falls short or fails. How many is that now? Maybe they should stick to what they know best, operating systems and office software. Considering their current track record, I won't purchase any MS product except Windows. said:
At the time, Microsoft executive Robbie Bach, then president of the entertainment and devices business, said the company planned to invest “hundreds of millions” of dollars over the following three to five years to compete with the iPod.
MS has over 50 billion dollars in the bank and all they can scrape together is a few hundred million to try and take down Apple's market dominance??? That's a fool's venture if there ever was one.
Add me to the list of people who think thinks MS has to sack Balmer.

I believe MS needs to be split in half or in three. Windows and MS Office broken into one or two companies and the rest in a separate company.

Give the new company 10 billion dollars and let them figure it out without having to report back to the OS guys. If they don't figure it out, then let it die.
This sucks. I love my Zune but when it breaks I'll hate having to join the Ipod hords but probably won't have much choice as there isn't that much out there to compete with Apple. May go back to Sony but had one before and hated their software and I've always had problems with the headphone connector which would become unsoldered rather easily...
I don't know what you are expecting to replace an Zune, if you dread going to Apple, but in my choice (partly an immediat choice; I wanted an iPod form, with micro SD slot, and not a cheap player), for an iPod replacement when mine quit, was a Sansa Fuze. It basically does what my iPod did for MP3s. I don't miss the iPod or iTunes.

If you want an all (or most) media portable device, I almost would say to get one of those budget 7" Android tablets.
If you can hold off a few months, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Player (pretty much the iPod Touch equivalent of the Galaxy S devices). If the audio chipset is the same, then it will be one heck of a good MP3 player.
If all you want is a music and video player, there are lots of decent players in the $25-$80 range. I have a Missil from XCargo. It won't work with encrypted music services but I wouldn't use one even if it did. The interface is not up to the standard of some of the more expensive devices either. OTOH, the hardware is first rate, the sound is excellent and it gets the job done. I use MediaMonkey to transcode and manage the music.
The Zune hardware out there now still works. If you want one buy one. What is the difference between hardware that is no longer made or a model of iPOD that is out of date? Zune software isn't going away anytime soon. Rumor has it MS will come out with a media player with the Phone O/S on it minus the phone of course.
What is the difference between hardware that is no longer made or a model of iPOD that is out of date?
An app store that still produces good and cheap apps that work for the iPod. That's a big difference.
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